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1st Hole Away

Par: 4
Yards: 413

Chart a path between the fairway bunkers and beware the formidable greenside bunker at left. Note the hidden kick-slope short and right of the green; it will bump approaches onto the putting surface.

2nd Hole Alps

Par 4
Yards: 375

Behold the first adaptation of a Macdonald hole, the Alps, where the green is almost totally obscured by hulking landforms fronting the putting surface. A tee shot down the right side will enable a peek at this green.

3rd Hole Double Turn

Par 5
Yards: 530

A slight draw off the tee works best on this par-5. “Double Turn” rewards a fade on the second shot. Of course, a slightly drawn drive down the middle will prompt a decision: lay-up or go for the green in two.

4th Hole Quandary

Par 4
Yards: 350

Shaped like a question mark, this shortish par-4 poses its questions from the tee: An iron will keep players short of the large bunker around which the hole turns. Three-wood with a fade can negotiate this hazard; a big driver can fly it. Answer the question well and earn a wedge to the green.

5th Hole Redan

Par 4
Yards: 410

The existing landform at the green lent itself most naturally to Old Marsh’s version of Redan (another Macdonald/Raynor standard). On your approach, know your distance to the front of the green as the putting surface pitches away from the shot.

6th Hole Fade

Par 3
Yards: 185

A left-to-right shape (started on the proper line) will help chase the ball onto this angled putting surface. The contouring of the green and surrounds will reward a knock down.

7th Hole Pinehurst

Par 4
Yards: 465

An homage to the famous putting surfaces at Pinehurst’s No. 2 Course. The green surrounds, not necessarily the green itself, will most confound here. They will result in any number of recovery shot options from the severely undulating, closely mowed turf. Don’t be afraid to use the flat stick.


8th Hole Draw

Par 3
Yards: 209

As a counter-balance to the Sixth, a right-to-left shape is preferred here. A small kick-slope right and short could help the player reach a green complex that drops off sharply on all sides.

9th Hole Long

Par 4
Yards: 390

The name says it all. Here, your best drive of the day must be followed by one of your best approach shots. To offset the yardage challenge, the green provides a big target and is entirely open to the approach.

10th Hole Island

Par 4
Yards: 353

Though not surrounded by water, the green on this par-4 is cut off from the fairway on all four sides. Tee shots that flirt with the bunkers through the fairway earn the best angle (and shortest passage) into a well bunkered, contoured green.

11th Hole Double Plateau

Par 4
Yards: 390

Another hole at Old Marsh where the existing land forms had already been shaped by the most talented of golf course Architects. “Double Plateau” gets its name from the green style, a head-scratching scheme of shelves and swells adapted by architects from Macdonald to Ross to Silva.

12th Hole Narrows

Par 4
Yards: 359

A controlled, accurate tee shot is your best bet on this straightforward par-4. The angle into the green best opens to those who challenge the hazards off the tee. Play down the right side and then take dead aim with a short iron.

13th Hole Cape

Par 5
Yards: 535

Fashioned after classic Cape holes, the Old Marsh version challenges players to bite off what they dare of a bunker that runs some 400 yards on the inside of this severe dogleg.

14th Hole Temptation

Par 4
Yards: 296

A driveable par-4 for some players, but strategy reigns supreme for those who take the bunkers out of play and take advantage of the large kick-slope right of the green.

15th Hole Waterloo

Par 3
Yards: 173

At the par-3 “Waterloo”, you decide how to deal with the encroaching water hazard at right and menacing bunkers at left. But remember Hogan’s take on sand hazards vs. water hazards: One is a car crash, the other a plane crash.

16th Hole Son Of Cape

Par 4
Yards: 445

Pick a target bunker on the far edge of the right-turning fairway depending on your shot shape. Your uphill approach is liable to stop on this pitched green, so choose your club wisely.

17th Hole Pond

Par 3
Yards: 215

Be mindful of the water at left. An immense kick-slope awaits your shot down the right side; use this landform to direct your ball onto the largest putting surface in Maine. Two putts here are cause for celebration.

18th Hole Home

Par 4
Yards: 427

One last strategic decision before you’re home: Challenge the right side and shorten your path to the green-a path over water- or drive to the left side and add 20 yards to an already-stern approach.

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